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VIP Speakers Hong Kong 2016
Welcome to attending our VIP Seminar Programs during DRT Show Hong Kong 09-11 Dec 2016.
Mr. Ken Thongpila, Australia
Photographer/Founder of UW Marco Photographer facebook community

Ken is an award-winning photographer featured in diving magazines and websites. In October 2011 Ken created the Underwater Macro Photographers (UWMP) Facebook Group which quickly became popular with the underwater photography community and has more than 39,000 members from all over the world. The aim of the group is "sharing, learning and inspiring each other".
Mr. Tim Ho, Malaysia

Tim left the city in 2009 to become a full time dive instructor, today he sees himself as just "full time diver". If he's not teaching dive courses, he's working as a videographer on a liveaboard. If he's not making videos he's taking photos and writing articles for magazines. Tim's working adventures have based him across Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia over the past years while he is currently set to spend the coming year in the Philippines.
Mr. Qing Lin, China

Born in 1965 in Beijing, Qing has been taking pictures since 1985. He began to dive in 2002 and later got into underwater photography in 2006. Photojournalist of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Qing is also the producer of Dream Wavers, which represented China to compete in the Best Foreign Lan guage Film category in the 2008 Oscars. Since 2013, his work has been winning many international awards every year, including Our World Underwater. 
Ms. Yuping Chen, China

Yuping was a typical office lady working in Beijing large law firm. In 2009, she did her first diving in Phuket Island while with her family vacation; she was so attracted by the magnificent and colorful underwater world, which marked the start of her diving career, changing her life from then on. In the subsequent two to three years, she has been diving in most of the oceans of Asia, America, and Europe. In year 2012, she start pick up her camera to shot underwater, she like the capture the beauty of marine creatures, she believe, with joining the ocean world as diver, she can be a protector to the ocean.
Mr. Simon Pridmore, UK
Scuba Diving Professional

Simon Pridmore is the author of the international bestsellers, "Scuba Confidential – An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Better Diver" and "Scuba Professional - Insights into Sport Diver Training & Operations." He is also the co-author of Diving & Snorkeling guides to Bali and Raja Ampat & Northeast Indonesia, and has just published a new book for beginner divers and divers-to-be called "Scuba Fundamental- Start Diving the Right Way".
Mr. Ben Sarinda, Indonesia

Ben Sarinda was born in Maluku, Indonesia, and his journey in the diving profession happened by chance when he was given the opportunity to move from boatman to diver in 2002. Today, with more than 10,000 logged dives, Ben has earned a reputation amongst divers and underwater photography enthusiasts, especially those who frequent Lembeh, for his extensive experience and understanding of marine life behaviour. Through his years of working with accomplished underwater photographers, he has developed a hands-on understanding of critters and their characteristics, making him the guide of choice for many established names from all over the world.
Mr. Gary Sun, China

Gary Sun is China's first RAID closed circulatory and respiratory systems instructor trainer
officer. He is also the NAUI Diving Instructor, a registered China Underwater Association
diving instructor, and executive director of Administration of Ocean and Fisheries of Guangdong Province. Gary has many years of underwater photography practice, with good international and domestic diving and travel experiences. His photographs always publish
on media websites, magazines and newspapers.
Mr. Ivan Manzanares, Philippines
Photographer/Diving professional

Ivan Manzanares is a PADI Digital Underwater Photography Instructor and Philippines Department of Tourism's Compact Camera Photographer of the Year 2015. His photos have been published in both local and international publications. A career spanning over a decade, Ivan is one of today's most sought after dive guides in Anilao, having worked with many of the industry's top names and having been a part in developing some of the new generation's underwater champions. His comprehention of camera systems big, medium and small topped with his years of macro and muck dives, he has carved a reputation amongst enthusiasts worldwide as being one of the few "must dive with dive guides" today..
Ms. Vania Kam, Hong Kong

Vania is an award-winning photographer who was fascinated and mesmerized by the beauty of the underwater world when her parents took her to Guam where she did her first DSD at the age of 14. She is a barrister-at-law by profession and enjoys photography since she was a teenager. Vania became a certified open water diver in the end of 2009 and has been shooting underwater photos ever since in her spare time. Her hard work and dedication gained her 16 international photographic awards and her photos are published and exhibited worldwide
Mr. Parnupong Norasethkamol (Nu),Thailand
Underwater Videographer

Nu was born and grew up in Bangkok,Thailand. He studied architectural design and started his first dive in Phuket after he had graduated from university. Nu is an avid Thai diver who has a strong passion in the marvelous diving locations in Asia and around the world. He works full-time as a U/W videographer on many liveaboards that operate in best Asia’s dive destinations such as Komodo,Raja Ampat,Andaman sea,Palau ,etc. His underwater skills lead him to get awards in prominent world-class photo competitions. Now he works full-time on liveaboard in Indonesia. He is enjoyed with exploring the diverse reef in Indonesia. He loves to share his work to inspired people for saving our Ocean. Our Ocean, Our Responsibility.
Ms. Hidy Yu, Hong Kong
Actress & Model

Hidy Yu is NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) Worldwide Ambassador. Previously Miss Scuba International Ambassador, and is also a qualified dive instructor & underwater Modelling instructor for NAUI. She has been modelling since the age of 18, and has participated in three action movies (Kick Ass Girls, 一路有殭屍, Special Female Force (in production). Her hobbies include: diving, boxing, ultra trail, plus many more!
Mr. Stan Shea, Hong Kong

Stan is the Marine Programme Director of BLOOM Association Hong Kong (BLOOM HK). Locally, Stan conducts underwater dive surveys to identify and record the reef fishes of Hong Kong. He has also been involved for many years as a Team Scientist of the Hong Kong Reef Check, and co-authored in a published book documenting 7 years of local reef fish records. Other research projects currently overseen by Stan include Mobulid gill plate trade dynamics and shark fin trade species composition in both Hong Kong and mainland China.
Mr. John Ng, Hong Kong
Underwater Photographer

John Ng has rich experience on underwater photography and has dived in different diving destinations over the world in one decade. He has accumulated thousands of dives with underwater photography locally in Hong Kong. He has been reported on TV, newspaper and magazine, and invited to a lot of diving seminars and workshops. Now he is an underwater photographer instructor at Nikon HK (Nikon School) and INON China Workshop.
Mr. Amos Nachoum, USA

Amos Nachoum is the president of Big Animals Expeditions, but first and foremost an explorer and a guide. For over 20 years, he has explored underwater big animals from the North Pole to South Pole, and then Tonga, alapagos、Okavango delta……His images are showing the charm of underwater big animals. His pictures have been published in magazines and newspapers worldwide.
Mr. Enzo Chen, Taiwan
Photographer/Founder of Enzo Marine Diving

Mr. Enzo has been taking pictures underwater since 1990. He has provided content for a number of magazines and underwater journals, sharing his skills, expertise and his technical knowledge of equipment. Enzo is especially masterful in his use of lighting and composition. Through his lens, creatures of the deep take centre-stage, their unique, captivating and endearing characters revealed as they are thrown into sharp relief.
Mr. Markus Roth, Germany
Underwater Photographer

Born in 1976, Markus Roth’s passion for photography reaches all the way back to his childhood. His pictures and articles have been published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. He has also been invited to speak on various marine related themes at various shows.
Mr. Jerome Kim, Korea

Born and raised in Korea, Jerome Kim has been based in the Philippines for the last 17 years. He considers Anilao as his favorite dive spot in the whole Coral Triangle because of the great macro opportunities. Jerome is professional architect and considers underwater photography as just a hobby but he enjoys it immensely. He is able to translate his skills as an architect into designing the perfect shots underwater. He likes macro photography and taking photos of small critters specially in the Philippines waters. Jerome Kim is multi-award winning photographer in local and international competitions and his works are regularly introduced in many dive magazines and newspapers.
Mr. Yoshi Hirata, Japan
Photographer/Judge of UWPC

A marine biologist and accomplished underwater photographer, Yoshi Hirata began his passion for diving when he was researching the rich marine resources of Sipadan and Mabul back in 1993 as a marine consultant. During the course of his work, he expressed his love for the sea by featuring thousands of amazing photos of Mabul in various magazine titles such as Oraga Umi.
Mr. Oliver Ng, Hong Kong
Diving professional

Oliver is the professional freediving and technical diving instructor in Hong Kong, he qualified and worked as hyperbaric chamber operator since 2000, he has been teaching diving since 1996 and he is the first CMAS Freediving instructor and the founder of the Hong Kong Freediving Association. He is also the Hong Kong freediving record holder with FIM -50m depth just a one breath!
Mr. Chris Cheung, Hong Kong
Diving professional

Chris is a pioneer of freediving development in Hong Kong. He is the first AIDA Freediving instructor and the founder of the Hong Kong Freediving Association - the largest Freediving organization in Hong Kong which aims at promoting and developing freediving education.
He also is the Hong Kong freediving record holder (CWT -60m depth) making him now is the deepest freediver in Hong Kong with just a single breath. !
Mr. Rommy Cheung, Hong Kong
Scuba Diving Professional

The first Diving Instructor to introduce PADI Diving System to Hong Kong since 1981 as he was the first PADI Open Water Instructor. Status include Specialty Instructor, Master Diver Trainer, IDC staff Instructor, Course Director, Examiner, and more than 100 other trainer qualification. In 2002-2004, he served as HKUA Chairman, and organized beach and underwater cleanup (Project Aware) for more than 500 divers.
Mr. Edward Lai, Hong Kong
Photographer/Owner of Nauticam

Edward was the chairman of Hong Kong Mold & Die Council from 1993-2003. Edward started diving in 1997 and he is passionate about the beauty underwater and marine conservation. After the establishment of Nauticam, with the mission of providing the most ergonomic and robust UW imaging equipments, he personally do testing to all the different range of housings made for various camera brands.
Mr. Victor Lau, Hong Kong
Underwater photographer

Victor Lau took his first underwater photo at the first dive after receiving his open water diving certification. Since then, he was fascinated by the beauty of underwater world and started his journey to become a scuba diving instructor and a professional underwater photographer. From year 2013 to 2015, Victor has received numerous awards in underwater photo competitions.He has recently been appointed as Olympus Hong Kong’s first endorsed underwater photographer. Victor now runs underwater photography classes and workshops for Olympus Hong Kong and he loves to share his experience and techniques of underwater photography with others.
Mr. Matt Krumins, Australia

Matt Krumins is an accomplished UW Photographer and UW Photography Instructor. Having been the UW Photography Ambassador for a Olympus Imaging, representing the brand across Australia and Asia, his passion for imaging has led him to start his own photography business. His courses are designed from the ground up and set out to simplify the complicated without compromising on techniques that will make your photographs jump off the page. Matt’s photography experience makes him a regular on the UW photography writing circuit and a can be found published in a number of international dive magazines.
Mr. Zulkarnain Ng, Singapore

Former Art Director with several design house and international advertising company Zul is also the founder of BLANCommunication & StudioZEROillus. This is where he continue practice his creative as a Art Director, photographer and fine art artist which he handle from artwork to visual communication media as part of his daily routine a combination which give him a perfect gel between creativity and beauty of nature. In 2005 he found this technique call Luminance and he continue practicing till today.
Mr. Simon Lorenz, Germany/Hong Kong

Simon first tried diving in Italy in 1996, and has since dived on six continents and made diving his career. Trying to dive as much as possible, he runs group trips and workshops around the aquatic world. About his most special experiences he writes articles in diving magazines. His distribution company FiveGills Ltd. imports underwater photography equipment for consumers in Asian markets. Simon also runs Hong Kong's first pool photography studio Pool Portrait. As a PADI instructor he teaches students in his home waters of Hong Kong, his favorite subject of course being the photography specialty.
Mr. Bart Lukasik, Poland
Underwater Videographer

Bart Lukasik is a professional underwater videographer and dive expedition leader. For the last 5 years he has been perfecting his video art on varied projects in challenging waters of Southern Africa, where he is currently based. Bart has produced complete series of educational marine life episodes which have been published worldwide by respected natural history channels. His articles have also been featured in scuba diving and wildlife magazines across South Africa and Europe.
Mr. Tomasz Stachura, Poland
Founder, Owner and CEO of SANTI Diving, Co-founder of an international Baltictech Conference

Tomasz Stachura, who has connected with wreck diving for more than 30 years, is one of the most active wreck diver in the Baltic Sea, specializing in deep underwater photography. He is a founder, owner and CEO of SANTI Diving – a worldwide diving company producing equipment for divers. He is also the co-founder of an international Baltictech Conference dedicated for promotion of the wreck diving in the Baltic Sea and a member of the Explorers Club New York as well. He publicizes articles about diving in international magazines. His photo-mosaic of a Swedish wreck ‘Mars Makalos’ was placed on the cover of several editions of European National Geographic magazines.

Events & Programs
9 December 2016 (Friday, 12:00pm-8:00pm)
Time Program Venue
11:55-12:35PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Markus Roth
Topic: Report Photography – What Does It Need to Get Your Images Out to Different Kinds of Media Outlets?
Stage A
12:40-01:20PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Jerome Kim
Topic: The Best 7 Dive Destinations in The Philippines for UW photographers
Stage A
01:25-02:05PM Diving Experience Sharing by Mr. Parnupong Norasethkamol
Topic: "South Africa" Diving in the Wild Coast
Stage A
02:10-02:50PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Gary Sun
Topic: Beauty – The Human and The Sea
Stage A
02:55-03:35PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ken Thongpila
Topic: Colourful Diving in Fiji
Stage A
03:45-04:45PM Opening Ceremony by Invited VIPs & Organizer
Topic: Wow! DRT Show Hong Kong 2016!
Stage A
04:50-05:30PM Diving Safety Seminar by Mr. Simon Pridmore
Topic: Drift Diving & Surface Safety
Stage A
05:40-06:20PM Freediving Seminar by Hong Kong Freediving Association
Topic: How to Perform Equalization in Freediving?
Stage A
06:30-07:10PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Amos Nachoum
Topic: On Photographing APEX Predators – Polar Bear, Croc, Great White & Leopard Seal
Stage A
07:20-08:00PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ben Sarinda
Topic: Positioning Yourself / Making The Approach So Critters Look at You and Smile
Stage A
12:20-01:00PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ivan Manzanares
Topic: Torch Macro Photography
Stage B
01:10-01:50PM Diving Experience Sharing by Ms. Hidy Yu
Topic: What Has Diving Given Me
Stage B
02:00-02:40PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Matt Krumins
Topic: Why and How to Use Black and White When Photographing Underwater?
Stage B
02:50-03:30PM Underwater Photography by Ms. Yuping Chen
Topic: Underwater Macro Photography
Stage B
05:00-05:40PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Qing Lin
Topic: Seeking for The Light
Stage B
05:50-06:30PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Enzo Chen
Topic: An Underwater Photographer's Duty in Marine Conservation
Stage B
06:35-07:15PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Ms. Vania Kam
Topic: Everyone Can Win Competition – Tips and Experience Sharing
Stage B
07:20-08:00PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. John Ng
Topic: How You Feel Inside, What You Take Outside
Stage B
10 December 2016 (Saturday, 12:00pm-7:00pm)
Time Program Venue
12:00-12:40PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Ms. Vania Kam
Topic: How to Touch up Your Photos Using Photoshop / Lightroom
Stage A
12:50-01:30PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Ms. Yuping Chen
Topic: Through the Fisheye Lens, Open Your Eyes to The Underwater World
Stage A
01:40-02:20PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Yoshi Hirata
Topic: Underwater Art
Stage A
02:30-03:10PM Underwater Housing Equipment Workshop by Mr. Edward Lai, Owner of Nauticam
Topic: Innovation in Underwater Optics
Stage A
03:20-04:00PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Victor Lau
Topic: Underwater Photography Journey with Olympus
Stage A
04:10-04:50PM Diving Equipment Workshop by Mr. Rommy Cheung / Kit Ip / Jacky Chan
Topic: Introducing Scuba Diving Magazine 2016 Gear of The Year Testers Choice for Wrist Computer & Other New products
Stage A
05:00-05:40PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. John Ng
Topic: Underwater Life in Hong Kong
Stage A
05:45-06:10PM C D Services Limited Lucky Draw ( Suunto, Beuchat, Sealife ) Stage A
06:20-07:00PM Freediving Seminar by Hong Kong Freediving Association
Topic: How to Perform Equalization in Freediving?
Stage A
07:00-07:30PM Lucky Draw Stage A
11:50-12:30PM Wreck Diving Sharing by Mr. Tomasz Stachura
Topic: Baltic Sea – Wreck Time Capsule
Stage B
12:40-01:20PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Jerome Kim
Topic:  Key Elements of Super/Macro Photography
Stage B
01:30-02:10PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ben Sarinda
Topic: Lighting, Angle & Composition
Stage B
02:20-03:00PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Zulkarnain Ng
Topic: Be Different
Stage B
03:10-03:50PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ken Thongpila
Topic: The Secrets You Need to Know about Add-on Underwater Macro Photography Equipment
Stage B
04:00-04:40PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Gary Sun
Topic: Special Lighting Techniques in Underwater Wide-angle Photography
Stage B
04:50-05:30PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Tim Ho
Topic: Winning Competition Is Easy if You Know How Not to Lose!
Stage B
05:40-06:20PM Underwater Videography Seminar by Mr. Bart Lukasik
Topic: A Day in Life of A Professional Underwater Videographer - Quality, Speed, Efficiency
Stage B
11:30-01:00PM PADI – Member Meeting
Seminar Room
02:00-04:00PM NAUI-Member Meeting
Seminar Room
04:10-05:10PM TDISDI – Member Meeting
Seminar Room
11 December 2016 (Sunday, 12:00pm-6:00pm)
Time Program Venue
12:30-01:10PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ivan Manzanares
Topic: Habitat and Its Critters
Stage A
01:20-02:00PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Yoshi Hirata
Topic: Lighting
Stage A
02:10-02:50PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Qing Lin
Topic: Story of Consideration
Stage A
03:00-03:40PM Diving Experience Sharing by Mr. Rommy Cheung / Terry Chan / Ming Chan
Topic: Sharing 77 Years (40+27+10) Adventure in Diving
Stage A
03:50-04:30PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Enzo Chen
Topic: An Underwater Photographer's Duty in Marine Conservation
Stage A
04:40-05:20PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Tim Ho
Topic: A NO PHOTO Underwater Photography Talk
Stage A
05:20-06:00PM Lucky Draw Stage A
12:20-01:00PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Markus Roth
Topic: Wide – Angle - Macro Photography – A Different Approach to Photograph Critters and Medium Sized Animals
Stage B
01:10-01:50PM Marine Conservation Seminar by Mr. Stan Shea
Topic: Hong Kong Reef Fish Tale
Stage B
02:00-02:40PM Diving Experience Sharing by Mr. Parnupong Norasethkamol
Topic: Banda Sea: The Latest Report From The Ring of Fire 2016
Stage B
02:50-03:30PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Amos Nachoum
Topic: The Diving Adventure, Joy and Beauty and Photography in Extreme Cold Wilderness
Stage B
03:40-04:20PM Diving Experience Sharing by Mr. Simon Pridmore
Topic: How to Become a Better Diver
Stage B
04:30-05:10PM Diving Trip Seminar by Mr. Simon Lorenz
Topic: Specialty Diving in Palau
Stage B
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