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VIP Speakers In Hong Kong
Welcome to attending our VIP Seminar Programs during DRT Show Hong Kong 15-17 Dec 2017.
Mr. Ken Thongpila, Australia/Thailand
Photographer/Founder of Underwater Macro Photographer (UWMP) Facebook Group

Ken Thongpila is an Australian-Thai, living and working in Sydney. He is an award-winning photographer and a Photo Journalist who has been featured in diving magazines and websites. He also judges local and international photo competitions and shootouts. He is regularly invited to give presentations at diving and travel expos in Asia. Ken has been scuba diving and taking photographs underwater as his hobby since 2003. His passion is macro photography and his favorite critter is the Nudibranch. In September 2011 he created the Underwater Macro Photographers (UWMP) Facebook Group, which quickly became popular with the underwater photography community and has more than 41,500 members from all over the world. The group shares information, ideas and tips on how to take better macro photos.
Mr. Gary Sun, China

Gary Sun is China's first RAID closed circulatory and respiratory systems instructor trainer officer. He is also the NAUI Diving Instructor, a registered China Underwater Association diving instructor, and executive director of Administration of Ocean and Fisheries of Guangdong Province. Gary has many years of underwater photography practice, with good international and domestic diving and travel experiences. His photographs always publish on media websites, magazines and newspapers.
Mr. Ben Sarinda, Indonesia

Ben Sarinda was born in Maluku, Indonesia, and his journey in the diving profession happened by chance when he was given the opportunity to move from boatman to diver in 2002. Today, with more than 10,000 logged dives, Ben has earned a reputation amongst divers and underwater photography enthusiasts, especially those who frequent Lembeh, for his extensive experience and understanding of marine life behaviour. Through his years of working with accomplished underwater photographers, he has developed a hands-on understanding of critters and their characteristics, making him the guide of choice for many established names from all over the world.
Ms. Vania Kam, Hong Kong

Vania is an award-winning photographer who was fascinated and mesmerized by the beauty of the underwater world when her parents took her to Guam where she did her first DSD at the age of 14. She is a barrister-at-law by profession and enjoys photography since she was a teenager. Vania became a certified open water diver in the end of 2009 and has been shooting underwater photos ever since in her spare time. Her hard work and dedication gained her 31 local and international photographic awards and her photos are published and exhibited worldwide such as the Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice exhibition displayed at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.
Mr. Jean-Claude Monachon, Switzerland
VP Sales, Marketing and International Business Development/Director of SSI Hong Kong/SSI Instructor Trainer

Mr. Jean-Claude Monachon speaks 5 languages – French, German, Italian, Spanish and English (and some Russian). He started to dive in 1974, became a dive professional in 1987 and then worked for 3 years in the Maldives. In 1991, he opened the first PADI center in the French part of Switzerland. In 1991, he joined PADI Europe and became the CEO of PADI Europe. From 2010-2013, JC was the VP Sales, Marketing and International Business Development for PADI Europe, Middle-East and Africa as well as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee of PADI Worldwide. In 2014, he joined SSI Worldwide as a VP Sales, Marketing and International Business Development. JC is also the Director of SSI Hong Kong. JC is a truly multicultural and international diving professional who is also a SSI Instructor Trainer, Swim Trainer and Lifeguard Trainer with over 5000 dives.
Mr. William Trubridge, UK/New Zealand
Apnea Academy Instructor/AIDA Instructor Trainer

William learnt to swim at the age of 18 months, and was freediving to 15m by the age of 8, but didn't begin serious training for the sport until 2003. Initially he trained in Italy with Umberto Pelizzari and other members of the Italian Apnea Academy, helping to found Apnea Academy International with English translations of the texts. In 2005 William was the first freediver to dive at Dean's Blue Hole, now recognised as the world's premier freediving venue, and site of the annual Vertical Blue event. There he broke his first world record in the discipline of CNF (Constant Weight No Fins) in April 2007, diving to 81m. Since then he has broken this record multiple times. In 2010 he became the first human to descend to 100m (330 feet) during Project Hector, an event aimed at bringing awareness to the plight of New Zealand's critically endangered Hector's and Maui's Dolphins species. William also holds the world record in Free Immersion, with 124m (406 feet), set at Vertical Blue in May 2016.
Ms. Louise Chau, Hong Kong
TDISDI Instructor Trainer Evaluator

Louise Chau certified as an instructor trainer since 2008. She is the first SDI female instructor trainer and SF2 Close Circuit Rebreather instructor in Asia Pacific area. She is also a CCR enthusiast and passionate about all diving related matter. Louise keeps learning and polishing her skills after being as a TDI technical instructor since 2004. With her passion of diving, Louise is seeking to pursue more knowledge and advance diving skill to enrich her diving dictionary. As an instructor trainer, she hopes she may pass the positive message and share her experience to encourage more divers become professional especially female diver.
Mr. Shu Shu Ricky, Hong Kong
Underwater Photographer/Founder of Rocket Friends Diving

Shu Shu Ricky is an award-winning photographer who gained 12 local and international photographic awards. He has interviewed by radio and his photos have been shown on magazines. He would like to share his passion, the sea of Hong Kong, to people who also love the sea. The first dive in 2005 has made Ricky a great change in his life. His first prosumer DC camera bought in 2009 has found him love in underwater photography. He pays visits to diving sites of different countries every year. Still, Hong Kong is his all-time favourite. He likes everything of teaching. Therefore, he becomes a PADI IDC staff instructor. He is also the founder of Rocket Friends Diving.
Mr. Enzo Chen, Taiwan
Photographer/Founder of Enzo Marine Diving

Mr. Enzo has been taking pictures underwater since 1990. He has provided content for a number of magazines and underwater journals, sharing his skills, expertise and his technical knowledge of equipment. Enzo is especially masterful in his use of lighting and composition. Through his lens, creatures of the deep take centre-stage, their unique, captivating and endearing characters revealed as they are thrown into sharp relief.
Mr. Franke Yu, Hong Kong
Underwater Photography Instructor/NAUI Course Director/General Manager of Paradive Group

Franke started scuba diving in 1996 and currently is the Course Director at NAUI. He has taught more than 30 different levels of diving classes all over the world. He always likes to share all the details about diving to everyone. That is why he likes to take wide angle underwater. Through the shots he could share the amazing marine lives activities of the underwater world to everyone. Let them have chance to feel they were there also.
Ms. Prudence Lau, Hong Kong
Freediving Instructor

Prudence Lau is a current 3 national records holder (CWT/FIM/CNF) in HK. She is a passionated freediver and also a scuba diver. She visited a lot of diving sites for both activities in the past few years. Prudence started freediving since 2014 and trained hard on cross training, the mind & body from Yoga, muscle strengthening and fin swimming in order to improve her freediving skill. She now is a full time freediving instructor, who can share the knowledge of freediving, safety and happiness to Hong Konger.
Ms. Zoe Fong, Hong Kong
Yoga Instructor and Freediver

Zoe, who didn’t get any talent on Sports when she was young, doesn’t know how to swim until 2 years ago. She decided to learn freediving 2 years ago. She spent a year learning swimming, scuba diving, and freediving, overcoming the fear of “Water”. Now, she can dive to over 20M underwater by one deep breath to enjoy the amazing Ocean freely. Inspired by freediving, she also found her interest in Yoga. Same as freediving, she learnt to be a Yoga Instructor and she found that the Freediving and Yoga are completely matched. Each breathe, each step makes Zoe become more confident and healthy way, Yoga and freediving created a Chemical reaction.
Mr. Oliver Ng, Hong Kong
Diving professional

Oliver is the professional freediving and technical diving instructor in Hong Kong, he qualified and worked as hyperbaric chamber operator since 2000, he has been teaching diving since 1996 and he is the first CMAS Freediving instructor and the founder of the Hong Kong Freediving Association. He is also the Hong Kong freediving record holder with FIM -50m depth just a one breath!
Mr. Yatwai So, Hong Kong
Underwater Macro Photographer

Yatwai So is an underwater macro photographer and awarded in macro category of international photography awards like Deep Vision Underwater Photography Contest, Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition, Our World Underwater international Underwater Photography and Video Competition, Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year Awards, World Shootout and Underwater Photographer of the Year.
Mr. Victor Lau, Hong Kong
Underwater Photographer

Victor Lau took his first underwater photo at the first dive after receiving his open water diving certification. Since then, he was fascinated by the beauty of underwater world and started his journey to become a scuba diving instructor and a professional underwater photographer. From year 2013 to 2015, Victor has received numerous awards in underwater photo competitions. He has recently been appointed as Olympus Hong Kong’s first endorsed underwater photographer. Victor now runs underwater photography classes and workshops for Olympus Hong Kong and he loves to share his experience and techniques of underwater photography with others.
Ms. Chan Ching Tung (Mia),
Hong Kong

PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor/International Personal Trainer/NLP Trainer/Freediver/Underwater Model

Mia started scuba diving in 2013. Today, with more than 5000 logged dives. She was certified as a PADI diving instructor and also a freediver in 2014. In recent years, she has worked with many outstanding domestic and international underwater photographers, such as Aquatic x Studio, Aqua pixies, etc., and was also the first mermaid to work with Aquaticity Asia. Not only does Mia love scuba diving, she also understands and promotes the importance of mental and physical well-being. Thus, not only does she teach scuba diving, she is also an international personal trainer and an NLP instructor. Mia would like to draw on her wealth of scuba diving experience and knowledge and share her perspectives on scuba diving safety, the importance of mind and body, and being an underwater model.
Dr. Apple Chui, Hong Kong
Marine Biologist/Lecturer

Dr. Apple Chui is a lecturer in the School of Life Sciences at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since 2008, Apple has been studying corals in Hong Kong. Her research interests include reproductive and larval ecology of corals, coral recruitment dynamics and restoration of corals using coral sexual reproduction. Apart from research, Apple also actively volunteers in marine conservation related activities, including HK reef check since 2008. She has also been invited to speak at Popular Science Talks on corals for AFCD, WWF HK, UNESCO HK, and different organizations. Through her underwater photography, she hopes to share with people the diversity and beauty of marine life in Hong Kong waters, to educate and inspire people to care about the ocean.
Mr. Rommy Cheung, Hong Kong
Scuba Diving Professional

The first Diving Instructor to introduce PADI Diving System to Hong Kong since 1981 as he was the first PADI Open Water Instructor. Status include Specialty Instructor, Master Diver Trainer, IDC staff Instructor, Course Director, Examiner, and more than 100 other trainer qualification. In 2002-2004, he served as HKUA Chairman, and organized beach and underwater cleanup (Project Aware) for more than 500 divers.
Mr. Toby Leung, Hong Kong
Marketing Director of Guangzhou OPENWATER Info Tech Co., Ltd.

Toby has been in love with ocean since he was teenage, he established a diving group Sealion Diving Team in 2007 to participating ocean conservation activities regularly, and became PADI OWSI in 2011. Toby likes teaching diving and underwater photography, loves making more friends to share the joy of diving and advocate the important of ocean protection; in 2015, he decided to quit his job in a well-known international company and stayed in Thailand to teach diving, devoted his life to diving industry. Now he is the PADI IDC Staff Instructor, and the Marketing Director of Guangzhou OPENWATER Info Tech Co., Ltd., which is the Master Dealer of China of the famous American underwater products brand.
Mr. Terry Chan, Hong Kong
PADI Course Director

For the experience brings about dramatic change through which he looks at the world and life plans differently, when he first came across with Scuba Diving in 1989. He was deeply in love with this ocean world. Then, he was proud to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in 1991 until now as a Course Director.
Mr. David Hsiung, Hong Kong
Underwater Cine Photographer/Professional Commercial Studio Photographer/Diving Instructor/Ocean Lover

David Hsiung fell in love with diving in the early 1950s when he was in secondary school. He joined his friends, the Liu brothers who founded Bunns Diving Equipment and The Sea Dragon Skin Diving Club. As for skin-diving trips, he then joined the first Chinese diving club, the Sea Dragon Skin-diving Club, and later became an life member and instructor. In the years to follow, diving became his way of life, and even now, he still dons his fins every week. Despite being over 77 , Hsiung, who went on a diving trip to the North Pole seven years ago, and dive in Galapagos this year and plans to dive more and more years ahead as he can, to enjoy the pleasure of diving in the Ocean he loves.
Mr. Gallup Lee, Hong Kong
Global Vice President for PSAI/PSAI P.R.C Licensee/PSAI Philippines Licensee

Gallup Lee is PSAI Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau Licensee, PSAI Philippines Licensee, PSAI Global Vice President, GOSIDEMOUNT official Lecturer for Asia, and Instructor Trainer. Mr. Gallup dedicates to promote the golden triangle spirit, which is Knowledge, Safety, and Integrity; in order to improve the professional skills and safety awareness of divers. Mr. Gallup is well known to his professional diving skills, extensive training experiences, and unique personality within the diving society. He has also trained many tech divers and tech instructors with excellent professional skills. Therefore, it is safe to say that Mr. Gallup has contributed extraordinarily towards the development of tech diving.
Mr. Chris Chan, Hong Kong
Instructor Trainer of SDI TDI

Chris Chan is a professional scuba diving instructor trainer. He had ever been stationed in Sabah, Malaysia for 6 years and has been teaching scuba diving full-time since 2001. Chris Chan is the founder of Diving Dragon, the first and the only SDI TDI 5 stars Instructor Training Centre in Hong Kong, currently offering various recreational and technical diving courses for both amateur divers and diving professionals. Chris Chan’s mantra: “Do it now and do it right! Your willpower matters!”
Ms. Jitka Vacková, Czech Republic
Sales and Marketing Manager at FINNSUB

Jitka is a doctor of natural science; sales and marketing manager at FINNSUB, Czech producer of technical diving equipment and a passionate sidemount diver. She enjoys diving in cold lakes of Austrian Alps, wrecks in Croatia and caves in Florida, dives mainly in a dry suit, with FLYside sidemount system. She wants to share the guidance how to select the right wing system for various types of dives and explain why to dive with a wing instead of jacket.
Mr. Zulkarnain Ng, Singapore

Former Art Director with several design house and international advertising company Zul is also the founder of BLANCommunication & StudioZEROillus. This is where he continue practice his creative as an Art Director, photographer and fine art artist which he handle from artwork to visual communication media as part of his daily routine a combination which give him a perfect gel between creativity and beauty of nature. In 2005 he found this technique call Luminance and he continues practicing till today.
Mr. Takuya Torii, Japan
Corporate Messenger Boy

A corporate messenger boy delivering messages back and forth from/to INON and collecting feedback from the market, has been working for INON more than a decade. He loves meeting with enthusiastic people fascinated in the ocean, diving and underwater imaging to get inspired as one of those people. Always travels with movable booth which could be interpreted as a 4-dimensional pocket of Doraemon as it carries many of demonstration units and prototype models sometime to enhance his messages.
Mr. Hanson Ren, China
SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer/Scuba Diving Instructor Trainer

Hanson is the first SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer in China. He is also SSI Scuba Instructor Trainer, SSI platinum diving instructor, NAUI and CMAS scuba diving instructor, GUE TEC diver. He was a professional athlete of military pentathlon in China. He has been engaged in diving teaching for 21 years. In addition, Hanson is WSF Chinese indoor dynamic parallel free diving record holder and Guangzhou police underwater rescue training officer. Currently, he is the first diamond diving center founder of SSI in China.
Dr. Andy Cornish, UK
WWF Shark & Ray Initiative/Marine Ecologist/Underwater Photographer

Dr. Cornish is a marine ecologist who co-authored the field-guide “Reef Fishes of Hong Kong” while studying for his doctorate at the University of Hong Kong. Currently he leads WWF’s global program to conserve sharks and rays, Sharks: Restoring the Balance, a major initiative that works in more than twelve countries to improve the management of shark and ray fisheries and tourism operations, reduce demand for unsustainable products, and move the international trade in sharks and rays toward sustainability. Andy is a keen underwater photographer, and co-author of Responsible Shark & Ray Tourism: A Guide to Best Practice.
Mr. Eddie Yung, Hong Kong
PSAI Technical Diving Instructor/Official Razor Sidemount Instructor

Eddie Yung is a Software Technologist, educator, scuba diving instructor and cave diver, actively teaching scuba diving from recreational to technical levels. He is also a Master Scuba Diver Trainer at PADI, Extended Range Nitrox Instructor at PSAI, Official Razor Sidemount Instructor at gosidemount, involving in the Organization of diving-related environmental protection projects and commercial underwater video shooting projects. He strongly focuses on application of technology on nature- and-environment-related issues and education.
Mr. Winston Shum, Hong Kong
Founder, Area manager And instructor of “Diving for Humanity”/Diving Instructor

Winston Shum, founder, area manager and instructor of “Diving for humanity”. He is a scuba diving instructor, who focuses on the autism all the time. He puts himself into inclusive diving in Guangzhou, Macao and Palau. In order to advertise and organize fundraiser, he sets up a club in the USA. He shows us a new generation instructor who is playing an important role in the public service.
Mr. Kenny Lee, Hong Kong
Underwater Photographer/Scuba Instructor/Writer

Kenny Lee is a diving instructor and an underwater photographer. He is passionate about taking photos of marine ecology in Hong Kong and around the world. In recent years, he has won several underwater photography competition awards. And now he is a tutor in the Olympus Hong Kong underwater photography courses. In 2017, with the support of the “Teachers Dream Fund”, Kenny starts his project "Papa let's go diving". In this project he wants to show the beauty of our ocean to the public .The ultimate goal is to arouse public concern about ocean conservation and to guard our fragile ocean.


Events & Programs
15 December 2017 (Friday, 12:00am-8:00pm)
Time Program Venue
01:35-02:05pm Freediving Seminar by Ms. Mia Chan
Topic: How to Become An Underwater Model?
Stage A
03:00-04:00pm Opening Ceremony
Stage A
04:10-04:40pm Freediving Seminar by Ms. Zoe Fong
Topic: The Connection of Freediving・Yoga
Stage A
04:50-05:20pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. John Ng
Topic: The Wildlife in Your Eyes
Stage A
05:30-06:00pm Technical Diving Seminar by Ms. Louise Chau (TDISDI)
Topic: Korea Ice Diving Festival
Stage A
06:10-06:40pm Marine Conservation Seminar by Dr. Andy Cornish (WWF)
Topic: Best Practice Shark And Ray Tourism - A New Approach
Stage A
06:50-07:20pm Technical Diving Seminar by Mr. Gallup Lee (PSAI)
Topic: Caving into The Motherland
Stage A
07:30-08:00pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Franke Yu
Topic: Tips for Wide Angle Photography - Part 1
Stage A
04:40-05:10pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ken Thongpila
Topic: Diving in Komodo with Underwater Photography Tips
Stage B
05:20-05:50pm Freediving Seminar by Mr. Hanson Ren (SSI)
Topic: Freediving - in The Name of Upward, Probe Downward
Stage B
06:00-06:30pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ben Sarinda
Topic: Back Light Underwater Photography
Stage B
06:40-07:10pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Kenny Lee, Hong Kong (Olympus)
Topic: A Dive Trip with Only Compact Camera
Stage B
07:20-07:50pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. So Yatwai
Topic: Blackwater Photography
Stage B
16 December 2017 (Saturday, 12:00pm-8:00pm)
Time Program Venue
12:50-01:20pm Marine Conservation Seminar by Dr. Apple Chui
Topic: Growing Baby Corals - A Long-term Commitment to Hong Kong Coral Conservation
Stage A
01:30-02:00pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Victor Lau (Olympus)
Topic: Capturing The Best Underwater Moments with OLYMPUS
Stage A
02:10-02:40pm Technical Diving Seminar by Mr. Jean-Claude Monachon (SSI)
Stage A
02:50-03:20pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Ms. Vania Kam
Topic: Norway: Dancing with Wild Orcas
Stage A
03:30-04:00pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ken Thongpila
Topic: Diving in Okinawa with Japanese Underwater Photography Style
Stage A
04:10-04:40pm Diving Equipment Seminar by Mr. Rommy Cheung / Terry Chan / Toby Leung (OCEANIC / HOLLIS)
Topic: The Testing Report of Dive Computer And Introduction of The Latest OCEANIC And HOLLIS Products
Stage A
04:50-05:20pm Technical Diving Seminar by Mr. Chris Chan (TDISDI)
Topic: Diving Journey from Recreational Diving to Technical Diving
Stage A
05:30-06:00pm Diving Equipment Seminar by Mr. Zulkarnain Ng / Takuya Torii (Scuba System International)
Topic: “Exposing An Invisible World” by The Art of Bio Luminance Powered by INON, Japan
Stage A
06:10-06:40pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Shu Shu Ricky
Topic: Underwater Behavior Shot Experience!!
Stage A
06:50-07:20pm Suunto Lucky Draw Stage A
07:20-08:00pm Lucky Draw Stage A
12:40-01:10pm Freediving Seminar by Ms. Zoe Fong
Topic: The Connection of Freediving・Yoga
Stage B
01:20-01:50pm Diving Equipment Seminar by Ms. Jitka Vackova (FINNSUB)
Topic:  Deep Discovery And Perfect Configuration by FINNSUB
Stage B
02:00-02:30pm Freediving Seminar by Ms. Mia Chan
Topic: Cooperation in Harmony between Underwater Photographer And Model
Stage B
02:40-03:10pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Franke Yu
Topic: Tips for Wide Angle Photography - Part 2
Stage B
03:20-03:50pm Freediving Seminar by Mr. Oliver Ng (Hong Kong Freediving Association)
Topic: Mentality And Skill about The Freediving Competition
Stage B
04:00-04:30pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Gary Sun
Topic: The Color And Composition for Underwater Wide Angle Photography
Stage B
04:40-05:10pm Technical Diving Seminar by Mr. Eddie Yung (PSAI)
Topic: Sidemount Cave Diver, The Making-of
Stage B
05:20-05:50pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. John Ng
Topic: The Wildlife in Your Eyes
Stage B
06:00-06:30pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Enzo Chen
Topic: Imitation of Underwater Photography & Golden Photo Composition
Stage B
02:00-04:00pm NAUI Member Meeting Seminar Room
06:00-07:30pm SDI TDI ERDI Member Meeting Seminar Room
17 December 2017 (Sunday, 12:00pm-6:00pm)
Time Program Venue
12:50-01:10pm Diving Seminar by Mr. Winston Shum
Topic: Inclusion And Reset, Diving with Autism
Stage A
01:20-01:50pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. So Yatwai
Topic: Blackwater Photography
Stage A
02:00-02:30pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ben Sarinda
Topic: Exotic Extreme Macro / Supermacro Videography
Stage A
02:40-03:10pm Diving Equipment Seminar by Mr. Rommy Cheung / Terry Chan / Toby Leung (OCEANIC / HOLLIS)
Topic: The Testing Report of Underwater Equipment And Introduction of The Latest OCEANIC And HOLLIS Products
Stage A
03:20-03:50pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. David Hsiung
Topic: 66 Years Diving & Underwater Photography Equipment Sharing
Stage A
04:00-04:30pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Enzo Chen
Topic: How to Choose The Best Underwater Photo for Competition
Stage A
04:40-05:10pm Freediving Seminar by Mr. William Trubridge (Suunto)
Topic: A Liquid Life - Returning to Our Aquatic Origins, And The Quest for The First 100m Freedive
Stage A
05:20-06:00pm Lucky Draw Stage A
01:10-01:40pm Diving Destination Seminar by Mr. Armando Agusto (Tawali)
Stage B
01:50-02:20pm Freediving Seminar by Ms. Prudence Lau (Hong Kong Freediving Association)
Topic: Out of The Blue
Stage B
02:30-03:00pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Shu Shu Ricky
Topic: Shot with Compact And Smartphone
Stage B
03:10-03:40pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Ms. Vania Kam
Topic: 5 Things You Didn't Know about Underwater Photo Competition
Stage B
03:50-04:20pm Marine Conservation Seminar by Dr. Apple Chui
Topic: Hong Kong Marine Biodiversity
Stage B
04:30-05:00pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Gary Sun
Topic: How to Use The Special Lighting Source
Stage B
Prize Details
Sponsored By
Sherwood Towel x4 (USD 10*4)
HOLLIS M-3 MASK x1 (USD 120)
M1000-WRA Smart Focus Video Light x1 (USD 120)
Beuchat Mundial One 50 Long Fins x1 (USD 125)
1 night free accommodation w/meals x1 (USD 150)
1 x Whale Shark Trip for 2 Pax (USD 140)
1 x Private Sandbank lunch For 2 Pax  (USD 150)
1 x 3 Night stay & food @ White sand Dhigurah Maldives  (USD 480)
Advanced Open Water Course X 1 (USD 300)
Bubblescuba BB-S1 X 3 (USD 200*3)
Bubblescuba BE-P6S X 1 (USD 300)
MiniGear TG-5 Housing X 1 (USD 550)
Yucatan Explorer Dive Package
(entitles to 8 dives, including 4 local, 2 Cenotes, 2 Cozumel) 1 person (USD 569)
SUNNTO Dive Computer Eon Core (White) X 1 (USD 810)
iPhone 8 1pc (USD 649)
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