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VIP Speakers In Hong Kong
Welcome to attending our VIP Seminar Programs during DRT Show Hong Kong 14-16 Dec 2018.
Mr. Franke Yu, Hong Kong
INON Underwater Photography Instructor/NAUI Underwater Photography Instructor/NAUI Course Director/General Manager of Paradive Group

Franke started scuba diving in 1996 and currently is the Course Director at NAUI. He has taught more than 30 different levels of diving classes all over the world. He always likes to share all the details about diving to everyone. That is why he likes to take wide angle underwater. Through the shots he could share the amazing marine lives activities of the underwater world to everyone. Let them have chance to feel they were there also.
Ms. Vania Kam, Hong Kong

Vania is an award-winning photographer who was fascinated and mesmerized by the beauty of the underwater world when her parents took her to Guam where she did her first DSD at the age of 14. She is a barrister-at-law by profession and enjoys photography since she was a teenager. Vania became a certified open water diver in the end of 2009 and has been shooting underwater photos ever since in her spare time. Her hard work and dedication gained her 33 local and international photographic awards and her photos are published and exhibited worldwide such as the Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice exhibition displayed at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.
Mr. Yoshi Hirata, Japan

A marine biologist and accomplished underwater photographer, Yoshi Hirata began his passion for diving when he was researching the rich marine resources of Sipadan and Mabul back in 1993 as a marine consultant. During the course of his work, he expressed his love for the sea by featuring thousands of amazing photos of Mabul in various magazine titles such as Oraga Umi.
Mr. Kenny Lee, Hong Kong
Underwater Photographer/Scuba Instructor/Writer

Kenny Lee is a scuba diving instructor and underwater photographer. He is passionate about taking photos of marine ecology in Hong Kong and around the world. In recent years, he has won several underwater photography competition awards. Now he is a tutor in the Olympus Hong Kong underwater photography courses. In this year, Kenny published his book "Papa go diving" and organized his underwater photography exhibition. He wants to show the beauty of our ocean to the public .The ultimate goal is to arouse the public's interest about ocean conservation and to guard our fragile ocean.
Mr. Ken Thongpila, Australia/Thailand
Photographer / Founder of Underwater Macro Photographer (UWMP) Facebook Group

Ken Thongpila is an Australian-Thai, living and working in Sydney. He is an award-winning photographer and a Photo Journalist who has been featured in diving magazines and websites. He also judges local and international photo competitions and shootouts. He is regularly invited to give presentations at diving and travel expos in Asia. Ken has been scuba diving and taking photographs underwater as his hobby since 2003. His passion is macro photography and his favorite critter is the Nudibranch. In September 2011 he created the Underwater Macro Photographers (UWMP) Facebook Group, which quickly became popular with the underwater photography community and has more than 41,500 members from all over the world. The group shares information, ideas and tips on how to take better macro photos.
Dr. Leo Chan, Hong Kong
Associate Director of the State Key Laboratory in Marine Pollution of the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) / Chief Technical Advisor of the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science (Xiamen University)

Dr Chan has broad interests in ecology and biodiversity in marine ecosystems. He is very interested in marine microalgal dynamics and red tides using a real-time in situ measurement system. This includes studies in marine microalgal dynamics, formation mechanisms of and triggering factors (e.g. nutrient ratios) of red tides/algal blooms with a continuous, real time in situ measurement system. Dr. Chan has extensive experience in the development and implementation of scientific diving systems. He is a certified Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor, a Public Safety Diver Instructor, a Scientific Safety Diver Instructor and a Technical Diver.
Ms. Kitti Chan, Hong Kong
Conservationist / Advanced Scuba Diver

Kitti is an advanced diver with over 100+ diving logs. She loves water sports and swims all year around. Every time staying with Ocean, she must do a little cleanup. On 2017, 23 June, she paddled a kayak boat to Yeung Chau, Sai Kung, spotting some abandoned nets lying in the shallow water and shores, so she started to remove them with friends when she has free time. Kitti goes cleanup every week and hopes that more and more people can be aware of the marine pollution problems. Meanwhile, she expects to have more volunteers to join this meaningful activity which will lead you to a green life and let this event continue.
Mr. Shu Shu Ricky, Hong Kong
Photographer / Founder of Rocket Friends Diving (HK)

Shu Shu Ricky is an award-winning photographer who has gained 13 international photographic awards. He was interviewed by radio and his photos have been shown on magazines. He would like to share his passion and the sea of Hong Kong to people who also love the sea. The first dive in 2005 has made Ricky a great change in his life. His first prosumer DC camera bought in 2009 has found him love in underwater photography. He pays visits to diving sites of different countries every year. Still, Hong Kong is his all-time favourite. He likes everything of teaching. Therefore, he becomes a PADI IDC staff instructor. He is also the founder of Rocket Friends Diving(Hong Kong).
Ms. Twiggy Cheung, Hong Kong
Aerial Photographer / Water Photographer

Twiggy was not only the first female graduate from aerial school of UTC but also the first aerial photographer taking drone pictures in South America, North America, Northern Europe, many Asian countries and places. I am specialized in "water photography", from water surface including wakeboarding and wake surfing competitions to underwater including freediving and marine ecology and so on. Although she is not a scuba diving instructor, she has accumulated more than 200 times of scuba diving. Recently, she founded a "Travel Photo, Diving Experience Workshop" to visit many countries to promote tourism in 3 ways -- land, sea and air, and to promote marine ecological development. In the second half of this year, online media "Photography" will be set up to record travel experience and hold interactive live broadcasts online.
Ms. Joyce Ng, Hong Kong
PADI Dive Master / Underwater Model & Mermaid

Joyce’s diving journey started in 2011, and now she is a PADI dive master and Hong Kong’s first real mermaid. Passionate for underwater photography, Joyce garnered awards for international underwater photo contests and have been published in various magazines. She hopes that her photos will let everyone see the beauty of the ocean and motivate them to realize that we need to protect it. Joyce has taken her ideas of conservation and human connection to another level. She has also put her camera down, and swims into other photographers’ frames as an underwater model and mermaid as she endeavors to make the ocean-human connection more tangible.
Mr. Chris Cheung, Hong Kong
Diving Professional

Chris is a pioneer of freediving development in Hong Kong. He is the first AIDA Freediving instructor and the founder of the Hong Kong Freediving Association - the largest Freediving organization in Hong Kong which aims at promoting and developing freediving education. He also is the Hong Kong freediving record holder (CWT -94m depth) making him now is the deepest freediver in Hong Kong with just a single breath. !
Mr. Takuya Torii, Japan
Corporate Messenger Boy

A corporate messenger boy delivering messages back and forth from/to INON and collecting feedback from the market, has been working for INON more than a decade. He loves meeting with enthusiastic people fascinated in the ocean, diving and underwater imaging to get inspired as one of those people. Always travels with movable booth which could be interpreted as a 4-dimensional pocket of Doraemon as it carries many of demonstration units and prototype models sometime to enhance his messages.
Mr. Joe Chang, Taiwan
Underwater Photographer

Joe Chang, an underwater photographer and a protected-species promoting activist from Hualien, has been studying Nudibranch for years on Green Island, Taiwan and is now an underwater photography equipment maintenance lecture for Bubble Scuba and AOI, underwater photography lecturer for POCO Underwater Sharing, exclusive underwater photographer for Taiwan 2017/2018 Bubble Scuba/AOI/Mic/Bigeye. His underwater photography had been exhibited at DRT SHOW Shanghai 2018. He was also an underwater photography lecture at DRT SHOW Taiwan 2018. Joe also joined DRT SHOW Hong Kong 2017 for presenting Bubble Scuba products and was interviewed by Taiwan Conquer Sport and Blue Trend.
Mr. Ian Chung, Hong Kong
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer/Digital Underwater Photography Instructor/Bubblescuba Hong Kong District Appointed Photographer

Ian was eager to fly when he was still a child. This is probably the dream that many children have had. He started diving in 2000 and it gave him the feeling like flying. He fell in love with diving and then has been traveling throughout Southeast Asia for diving activities. Ian makes lots of efforts to underwater photography, recording everything he sees with lens. Currently, he is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Digital Underwater Photography Instructor, and Bubblescuba Hong Kong District Appointed photographer. He likes to shoot underwater with different techniques and light sources.
Mr. Tam Chun Ho, Hong Kong

Tam is a passionate diver and underwater photographer who started diving on 2004. After being a fun diver who brought camera underwater for more than ten years, Tam decided to take serious efforts to achieve his dream of being an underwater photographer three years ago. With the efforts spent and support from his wife, he has his dreams come true and fortunately wins some international award, including Scuba Shooters Deep Vision, the Blue Earth Underwater Photo Contest, TDEX, etc. This year, Tam started “Ann and Tam Nature Photography” page with his wife, Ann Sin. Their vision is to share the beauty of underwater water world with all diving and non-diving friends via their works.
Mr. Jason Cheung, Hong Kong
Diving Instructor, Book Author, Underwater Photographer

Jason, a passionate adventurist and dive expert who desires to explore the Earth’s most hidden treasure. Leveraged his early diving and coaching experiences in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, and Maldives, he wrote a book about the paradise that touched his heart and fulfilled his dream. Curated experiences that connect divers, he opened a dive school in HK, named after his life-fulfilling goal - The Paradise Diver. Thousands of students are certified as elite divers. He tries to make waves of change in the surrounding marine habitats while urging to bring people's attention to marine protection. Jason is one of the only three underwater photographers endorsed by Olympus Hong Kong and the ambassador of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Hong Kong this year to promote the Eastern Coast of Thailand. Hands-in-hands with these great partners, Jason continues to submerge and discover the wonder of the underwater world.
Mr. Jay Ku, Taiwan
Freediving Instructor

Freediving is the sport which is full of challenge. People can start to learn about our ocean with relaxing and any skill naturally. Since 2009, Jay started to learn about free diving. He loves travel of diving. Also in recording every ecology and geomorphology when he has activities in the coast of Taiwan. Nowadays, he is dedicate free diving's promotion and teaching. Expecting more people to recognize this kind of sport and meet with ocean, love ocean.
Ms. Lee PeiYu, Taiwan
TV Presenter/Actress

Taiwanese female TV Presenter, actress. Born in Taiwan, spent childhood in New Zealand, attended exchange student program in Sweden. Patty has a show on TLC (Discovery) called “Fun Taiwan First Timer”, also she is currently hosting Asia's first Diving TV show "Underwater 30 meters", where she travels around Taiwan and Southeast Asia for extraordinary diving-traveling experiences. This year in 2018, Patty was nominated for Best New Actor and Best Travel Show Host on Golden Bell Award.
Mr. Victor Lau, Hong Kong
Underwater Photographer/Scuba Instructor/Underwater Photography Tutor

Victor is a certified PADI OW diving instructor and an experienced underwater photographer, who took his very first underwater photo at the first dive after he got his open water diving certification. Since then, he was drawn by the beauties of the underwater world and started his wonderful journey of diving training and underwater photography. He has gained numerous underwater photography awards such as Champion of Macro and Close up photo of the Hong Kong Underwater Photo and Video Competition in 2013, with additional 3 Outstanding Awards for Macro photos and a 2nd runner up for Standard and Wide Angle Photos in the same competition in 2014 & 2015. Victor is now appointed as Olympus Hong Kong's underwater photographer and trainer, who runs underwater photography classes and workshops for Olympus Hong Kong. He loves to share his photos, videos, experience and techniques of underwater photography with others to promote how beautiful and amazing our ocean is.
Mr. Simon Lorenz, Germany/Hong Kong

Underwater photographer Simon Lorenz is a regular author for dive magazines around the world. With his travel company Insider Divers he runs guided group trips, combining unusual dive experiences with photo training. A PADI instructor and photo coach his aim is to further the dive and photography skills of his guests. In Hong Kong he operates Pool Portrait, the first underwater photo studio in Hong Kong.
Mr. Eddie Yung, Hong Kong
PSAI Technical Diving Instructor/Official Razor Sidemount Instructor

Eddie Yung is a Software Technologist, educator, scuba diving instructor and cave diver, actively teaching scuba diving from recreational to technical levels. He is also a Master Scuba Diver Trainer at PADI, Extended Range Nitrox Instructor at PSAI, Official Razor Sidemount Instructor at gosidemount, involving in the Organization of diving-related environmental protection projects and commercial underwater video shooting projects. He strongly focuses on application of technology on nature- and-environment-related issues and education.
Mr. Chris Chan, Hong Kong
Instructor Trainer Evaluator of SDI TDI

Chris Chan is a professional scuba diving instructor trainer evaluator. He stationed in Sabah, Malaysia for 6 years and has been teaching scuba diving full-time since 2001. As the founder of Diving Dragon, the first SDI TDI 5 stars Instructor Training Centre and the first and only SDI TDI 5 stars Professional Development Center in Hong Kong, Chris currently offers various recreational and technical diving courses for both amateur divers and diving professionals. Chris Chan’s mantra: “Do it now and do it right! Your willpower matters!”
Ms. Louise Chau (Kei Yin), Hong Kong
TDISDI Instructor Trainer Evaluator

Louise Chau certified as an instructor trainer since 2008. She is promoted as the first SDI female Instructor Trainer Evaluator and SF2 Close Circuit Rebreather instructor trainer in Asia Pacific area. She is also a CCR enthusiast and passionate about all diving related matter. Louise keeps learning and polishing her skills after being as a TDI technical instructor since 2004. With her passion of diving , Louise is seeking to pursue more knowledge and advance diving skill to enrich her diving dictionary. As an instructor trainer, she hopes she may pass the positive message and share her experience to encourage more divers become professional especially female diver.


Events & Programs
14 December 2018 (Friday, 12:00am-8:00pm)
Time Program Venue
01:35-02:05pm Diving Destination Seminar by Mr. Jason Cheung (Olympus)
Topic: Dive as You GO
Stage A
02:45-04:00pm Opening Ceremony Stage A
04:10-04:40pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ken Thongpila
Topic: Black Water Diving in Pulau Weh and Photography Techniques
Stage A
05:30-06:00pm Mermaid Seminar by Ms. Joyce Ng
Topic: Step to Dance Underwater
Stage A
06:10-06:40pm Diving Destination Seminar by Ms. Twiggy Cheung
Topic: Beauty of Pó-Tó hái-Iûnn!
Stage A
06:50-07:20pm Marine Conservation Seminar by Ms. Kitti Chan
Topic: Terrible Marine Waste -- Ghost Net
Stage A
07:30-08:00pm Diving Destination Seminar by Mr. Jay Ku (Taiwan Tourism Bureau Hong Kong Office)
Topic: Freediving and Exploration in Taiwan
Stage A
06:40-07:10pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Simon Lorenz (Deep Blue Asia)
Topic: Bikini Atoll
Stage B
07:20-07:50pm Marine Conservation Seminar by Dr. Leo Chan
Topic: Ocean Guardian: Diving into the Future
Stage B
15 December 2018 (Saturday, 12:00pm-8:00pm)
Time Program Venue
12:55-01:25pm Diving Destination Seminar by Ms. Lee PeiYu (Taiwan Tourism Bureau Hong Kong Office)
Topic: Taiwan 30 meters underwater
Stage A
01:30-02:00pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Kenny Lee (Olympus)
Topic: Creative Priority Mode in Underwater Photography
Stage A
02:10-02:40pm Underwater Photography Equipment Seminar by Mr. Takuya Torii (INON)
Topic: Behind the Product -- What's Latest and How We Design
Stage A
02:50-03:20pm Technical Diving Seminar by Mr. Tomasz Stachura (PSAI)
Stage A
03:30-04:00pm Technical Diving Seminar by Mr. Chris Chan (SDI TDI ERDI)
Topic: “Diving Trend”
Stage A
04:10-04:40pm Suunto Lucky Draw抽獎活動 Stage A
04:50-05:20pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Yoshi Hirata
Topic: Find Your Style
Stage A
05:30-06:00pm Underwater Videography Equipment Seminar by Mr. Victor Lau (Olympus)
Topic: Underwater Video Shooting with Olympus
Stage A
06:10-06:40pm Marine Conservation Seminar by Dr. Leo Chan
Topic: Scientific Diving: Challenges, Opportunities and Discoveries
Stage A
06:50-07:20pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Franke Yu
Topic: Wide-angle Photography in Mactan & Moalboal, Cebu
Stage A
07:20-08:00pm Lucky Draw Stage A
02:00-02:30pm Marine Conservation Seminar by Ms. Kitti Chan
Topic: Terrible Marine Waste -- Ghost Net
Stage B
02:40-03:10pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. ShuShu Ricky
Topic: Diving in Tonga and Fiji
Stage B
03:20-03:50pm Mermaid Seminar by Ms. Joyce Ng
Topic: Creation with Underwater Portrait
Stage B
04:50-05:20pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ken Thongpila
Topic: Pristine Diving in Papua New Guinea with Macro Colour Background Technique
Stage B
05:25-05:55pm Underwater Photgraphy Seminar by Mr. Tam Chun Ho (Mini Gear)
Topic: Lighting for Underwater Macro Photography
Stage B
06:00-06:30pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Ms. Vania Kam
Topic: Lighting Technique -- Wide-angle/Macro/Creative/Black Water
Stage B
06:40-07:10pm Diving Destination Seminar by Ms. Twiggy Cheung
Topic: Humpback Love!
Stage B
02:00-04:00pm NAUI Member Meeting Seminar Room
05:30-07:00pm SDI TDI ERDI Member Meeting Seminar Room
16 December 2018 (Sunday, 12:00pm-6:00pm)
Time Program Venue
01:00-01:40pm DIWA Apnea Challenge Stage A
02:00-02:30pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Simon Lorenz (Deep Blue Asia)
Topic: Manta Mom
Stage A
02:40-03:10pm Technical Diving Seminar by Ms. Louise Chau (SDI TDI ERDI)
Topic: Fun Diving without Bubbles -- CCR
Stage A
03:20-03:50pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Ms. Vania Kam
Topic: Capture a Moment That Will Capture Someone's Heart
Stage A
04:00-04:30pm Diving Destination Seminar by Mr. ShuShu Ricky (Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau)
Topic: Dive into Okinawa with Ease
Stage A
04:40-05:10pm Freediving Seminar by Mr. Chris Cheung (Hong Kong Freediving Association)
Topic: How to Achieve 100m
Stage A
05:20-06:00pm Lucky Draw Stage A
02:30-03:00pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Franke Yu
Topic: Camera Setting for Wide-Angle Photography from Mobile Phone to Mirrorless Camera
Stage B
03:10-03:40pm Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Yoshi Hirata
Topic: Find Your Style
Stage B
03:50-04:20pm Technical Diving Seminar by Mr. Eddie Yung (PSAI)
Stage B
04:30-05:00pm Underwater Photography Equipment Seminar by (Umi Umi)
Topic: Fun Shooting with Umi Umi
Stage B

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