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Post Report 2017
  Only Professional Dive Expo in Hong Kong is DRT SHOW

The largest & best diving and resort expo in Asia “DRT SHOW Hong Kong” came to a festive conclusion on Sunday, 17th December 2017 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). With more than 240 booths showcased and with limited edition of diving equipment, the show attracted 39,426 sports lovers from every corner of the world to unite for 3 days of diving appreciation. With numerous experts from across the diving world on hand, sports lovers were fully immersed in diving culture. Most impressively, 100% of surveyed show visitors said they would return to DRT SHOW in 2018 for sure and spread the word among friends. According to the exhibitor feedback forms, 98% of exhibitors were satisfied with the organization of this expo.

The DRT SHOW was honored to have Mr. Alex Wong, Chairman of Hong Kong Underwater Association (HKUA), Mr. Chow Wing-Kuen, Senior Marine Conservation Officer of Agriculture Fisheries & Conservation Department, Hong Kong, and representatives of 5 Tourism Boards to officiate the opening ceremony (Philippines, Indonesia, Okinawa, Yap and Christmas Island. Ms. Constance Choi also received Asia Hall of Fame Award from Mr. Chow Wing-Kuen for her outstanding accomplishment for Hong Kong diving industry.

Specially thanks to HKUA, four prestigious guests were invited to receive honorable ambassador titles from HKUA and DRT SHOW collectively. Famous TV stars Mr. Jackie Lui and Mr. Law Chung Him as Ocean Conservation Ambassador, Ms. Mak Jiing Ting as Ocean Caring Ambassador and Olympic champion Ms. Le Jing Yi as Diving Ambassador. As divers, they showed up to support the DRT SHOW and wish to advocate for marine conservation. In addition, leading dive computer brand Suunto also invited Mr. William Trubridge, a world champion and double world record holding freediver from New Zealand to join the opening ceremony.

This year, DRT SHOW Hong Kong was also full of holiday surprises for visitors, except the seasonal Christmas Shopping Festival where visitors could purchase all sorts of diving equipment, visitors also had a chance to win the lotter prizes sponsored by Scubalamp and Bubblescuba. The lucky draw activity held by the DRT SHOW organizer was big highlights for the weekend, everyone surely had lots of fun during the show.

Over 240 top-level exhibitors and brands representing leading dive equipment manufacturers, water sport equipment manufacturers, dive resorts, tourism boards, marine conservation and diving organizations from 20 countries attended the event with over 39,426 visitors from more than 40 different countries. In the 3-day show making the DRT SHOW the most important diving and travel event in Hong Kong. The DRT SHOW Hong Kong was once again a resounding success and proved its own status as the only professional dive expo in Hong Kong. During the show, visitors had a chance to meet, speak with and gain invaluable insight from more than 240 exhibitors, partners and experts.


The DRT SHOW is still a popular and important event for Hong Kong diving industry.

Many old and new visitors attended the show, and an effort is being made to precisely target their varying interests. Today’s DRT SHOW visitors are passionate about diving and extreme sports and want to make the most of their visit to plan their upcoming travel trips. The show is also attracting the elite diving experts and our exhibitors also went above and beyond to present colorful, dynamic booths and displays. Aside from showcasing the latest diving equipment and travel information, there will be informative stage presentations covering a wide spectrum of interesting topics including experts sharing their opinions towards marine conversation, underwater photography seminars, diving safety seminars, diving equipment workshop, marine conservation seminar and wreck diving sharing by Mr. Ken Thongpila, Mr. Gary Sun, Mr. Ben Sarinda, Ms. Vania Kam, Mr. Jean-Claude Monachon, Mr. William Trubridge, Ms. Louise Chau, Mr. Shu Shu Ricky, Mr. Enzo Chen, Mr. Franke Yu, Ms. Prudence Lau, Ms. Zoe Fong, Mr. Oliver Ng, Mr. Yatwai So, Mr. Victor Lau, Ms. Chan Ching Tung (Mia), Dr. Apple Chui, Mr. Rommy Cheung, Mr. Toby Leung, Mr. Terry Chan, Mr. David Hsiung, Mr. Gallup Lee, Mr. Chris Chan, Ms. Jitka Vacková, Mr. Zulkarnain Ng, Mr. Takuya Torii, Mr. Hanson Ren, Dr. Andy Cornish, Mr. Eddie Yung, Mr. Winston Shum, Mr. Kenny Lee, Mr. Simon Lorenz. Guests of honor noted that the DRT SHOW annually provides an excellent opportunity to gather together and speak about achieved success.

    Furthermore, the organizers of DRT SHOW 2017 are grateful to all participants, visitors and representatives of mass media for attention to the show, for the shown interest to further development of the diving industry of Hong Kong, and invite to participate the show in 2018. The DRT SHOW has become the most important and MUST VISIT event in the field. In 2018, the show will continue to build on its prior success at HKCEC! It is our goal to provide clients a bigger and more sophisticated DRT SHOW Hong Kong 2018. The news and information will be posted on the official website www.divingandresorttravelexpo.com when it becomes available. You may also visit our Facebook page “DRT SHOW Hong Kong” for the latest updates.

Remarkable achievements by DRT SHOW Hong Kong 2017:

  • Supported by 9 Training Agencies (PADI, NAUI, SSI, SDI, TDI, ERDI, PSAI, CMAS and IRD)
  • Supported by 5 Tourism Boards (Philippines, Indonesia, Okinawa, Yap and Christmas Island)
  • Supported by 8 Associations (Asian Underwater Federation, Hong Kong Underwater Association, China Underwater Association, Macau Underwater Club, Hong Kong Freediving Association, Hong Kong Ichthyologic Society, Hong Kong Professional Maritime Archaeology Association, Agriculture Fisheries & Conservation Department and Ocean Seeds Conservation Association)

DRT Show 2017 Visitor Report
Statistic -Percentage(%) of Visitors during DRT Show
DRT SHOW 2017 International Visitor
Statistic -Percentage(%) of Oversea Visitors during DRT Show
Date Numbers of visitor
15 Dec 2017 9,789+
16 Dec 2017 16,506+
17 Dec 2017 13,131+
Total Visitor 39,246
* Source: computer calculation and registration data.
Nationality Percentage (%)
Hong Kong 42%
Mainland China 22%
Taiwan 14%
Southeast Asia 12%
Korea 4%
Japan 2%
Europe 1%
USA 2%
Europe 1%
Others 1%

Purpose of Visit
Statistic -Percentage(%) Purpose of visit
Purpose of visit % Percentage
Attend seminars 30%
Evaluate for participation at next show 8%
Purchase/place orders 85%
Gather information 65%
Source new products/services 20%
Make contact, visit supplier/principal 77%
Others 3%
* Percentage adds up to more than 100 percent because this is a multiple choice question.


Show Partners
PADI, NAUI, SSI, SDI, TDI, ERDI, PSAI, CMAS, IRD; Tourism Promotions Board Philippines, Christmas Island Tourism Association, Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau, Yap Visitors Bureau, and Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia; Asian Underwater Federation, Hong Kong Underwater Association, China Underwater Association, Macau Underwater Club, Hong Kong Freediving Association, Hong Kong Ichthyologic Society, Hong Kong Professional Maritime Archaeology Association, Agriculture Fisheries & Conservation Department and Ocean Seeds Conservation Association.

Alliance Partners
EZDIVE, Asian Underwater Federation, Deep&Extreme Indonesia, Thailand Dive Expo, Hellodive.com, Underwater Macro Photography, UnderWater Pixel, Scubashooters, Divepro.

Media Partners
Action Asia BLU Inc., Divepro Asia, Dive Indonesia, UNTV News, WISH 107.5, Diversity HongKong, 火箭友潛水會, 「天堂潛水員/Paradisediver」 - HK, Just Dive, 磨房, 潛水部落 - 海底餐廳巴拉蒂, Timeable.

Diving, Resort and Travel Expo (DRT SHOW) Hong Kong
Contact person:
Show Manager – Ms. Coco Kwan (coco@drtexpo.com)
Event Manager – Ms. Christine Cho (christine@drtexpo.com)
Marketing Manager – Ms. Vita Liu (vita@drtexpo.com).

Supported By:
  • The ONLY Diving Expo in Asia Pacific is supported by AUF (Asian Underwater Federation).
  • The ONLY Diving Expo in Asia Pacific is supported by General Administration of Sport of China (HR Resources Development Center), China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Guangdong Vocational Institute of Sport, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT), Tourism Promotions Board Philippines (TPBP), Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), Okinawa Prefecture Government, Okinawa Convention & Visitor Bureau (OCVB), Japan Recreational Diving Association (JRDA), Japan Wetsuits Manufacturers Association (JWMA), Japan Scuba Association (JSA).
  • The ONLY Diving Expo in Asia Pacific is supported by PADI, NAUI, SDI TDI ERDI, UTD, RAID, DIWA, CMAS, PSAI, DAN, IANTD, ANDI, IRD.
  • The ONLY Diving Expo is supported by Hong Kong Underwater Association (HKUA), China Underwater Association (CUA), and Macau Underwater Club (MUC).
  • DRT SHOW is the ONLY Diving and Resort Expo in Asia Pacific supported by more than 30 media partners worldwide.
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